S.T. Phillips

S.T. Phillips is a former New Castle County DE police officer, detective, award winning sharp-shooter, SWAT Team sniper and current New Castle County Deputy Sheriff.

He combines his law enforcement experience and his zeal for travel to take his readers to a new height of intrigue as he weaves a riveting story in his most recent work of fiction, The Dark Side of Death.

He is a life-long resident of Wilmington, DE living with his wife, Maria and faithful canines, Gussie and Guinness. He is currently working on the sequel titled The Dark Side of Honor.

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What inspired you to write "The Dark Side of Death"?
I have always read a lot since I was very young. As a young boy, books could always take me places I dreamed about. Foreign lands, different times in history, and a variety of interesting people were always at my fingertips. I’ve felt like writing a book since I was very young, I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but I think I needed to experience a lot of life before writing this book. “The Dark Side of Death” was created from my interest in politics, human relationships, travel and police work.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I don’t know if you can label it but generally, I like to think of my chapters as stand alone stories. Each chapter is written to generate interest into finding out what happens in the next chapter. I’ve tried to have each chapter end with a dilemma or question to hopefully make the reader curious enough to find out what happens next. I have always enjoyed the twists and turns of a good book. Also, each chapter is relatively short. Probably between 5 to 10 pages.

What is the Dark Side of Death about? Can you give us a little more detail?
My main character is Jack Dublin. He’s a Washington D.C. cop who is about to retire. One night while off duty, he encounters a woman being sexually molested by a group of young men. He ends up shooting one of them in self defense and kills him. Unfortunately for him, the man he kills is the only son of a powerful U.S. Senator. The Senator is getting ready to run for President and he vows justice for his son. Ultimately, Jack gets framed for a murder of a man who has been selling weapons to a group of young middle eastern terrorists who are based in Washington D.C.. They are planning to shoot ground based missiles at a cruise ship in the Caribbean to make a statement to the world. The FBI and the CIA get involved ,and Jack now has to not only clear his name, but stop the terrorists from blowing up the cruise ship. Not knowing who to trust, Jack allows a beautiful woman, who works for a law firm as an investigator, to help him.

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